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In 2021, nearly every Instagram accounts suffers from ghost/dead/fake followers. These followers add to your follower count but hurt your engagement and enagement rate, the two biggest factors to success in IG's algorithm.


By purchasing this service, I will work with you to comb through all of your followers and deliver you a report back with suggestions on which followers to remove. 


After you order the service, I will analyze all of your followers and show up every user who hasn't interacted with at least one of your recent 40 posts. You will then receive a spreadsheet with a list of account names and everything you need to remove inactive, fake, and ghost followers. 


Please note that this gig does not actually remove the followers. I do offer that service at an upcharge - please contact me directly for more information. 

Instagram Ghost Follower Report

$75.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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