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I've worked with athletes on social media consulting and marketing since 2011. I've been on Instagram so long my username is @preston. Check out this free guide that I've built from my years of experience of working with PGA TOUR athletes and see what strategies you can implement on your own channels. In today's NIL world, there are more opportunities than ever for athletes of all ages. Then, if you want to talk more, I'm here. Below is a summary of what you'll learn in the free guide. 


1. Instagram & How to Leverage It

Instagram is a still the most powerful platform for most athletes in 2021 and 2022. Learn strategies to build compelling content for your fans. 


2. Facebook & How to Use It

Younger athletes tend to overlook Facebook and the power it still has. Learn how to make easy content for this platform.


3. Twitter: The World's Sports Bar

Twitter can be an interesting place, but it's the place where many die-hard fans spend most of their time. Athletes should have a presence here. 

Athlete Marketing + NIL Social Media Best Practices

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